Hi, I'm Speedy Monster Kitty !!
I'm 12 weeks old today December 17, 2011, and decided if I want to be a real cyber kitty, I need to get my website started.
So here is the start, a few pics my human took of me over the last few months, from day 1 when I was but a furball.

Well, here I am, just a furball. I guess I was a surprise, as mommy was slim and trim, didn't look pregnant, because it was just me!

I was born in the first floor of a 3 story cat condo, a nice little warm cozy place.

At age 3 days, I was dragged out into the light so my human could get a good look at me,
I'm big for my age, had plenty of room to grow before popping out!

At about 3 weeks, I was allowed out into the big kitty's world, allowed to roam around on my big chair.

Mommy would stay with me, I was always hungry, lotsa milk no waiting!
She also made a good cave to sleep in and hide from all the monsters out there.

I kept trying to dive off the end and explore, so mommy had to keep me under control.
She wouldn't let me explore just yet. That's ok though, always warm kittys to cuddle with!

I seem to always be hungry, and this stuff is great!
I'm not supposed to be in the food bowl yet, but it's not high enough, I can stretch and reach it.

At 4 weeks, I'm really ready to explore, Mommy and Daddy both doing their best to keep me under control.
(It's not working!)

The I get my own bedroom!! And get to have a sleepover, Mommy and Aunt Muncher are keeping me cozy tonight.

Well, I'm finally loose on the world, and climbing and playing with anything that moves. This is GREAT!
Daddy is teaching me the fine art of mousing, but all I get for now is a toy mouse.

And after a few hours of mischevious activities, it's off to snoozeville with mom and dad.
Ah, this is the life!

As a 13 week old teenager, I get to watch tv, Dirty Jobs is one of my favorite shows.
I'm learning how to get into things and tear things up. This is a great show!! I can do that too!!

Well, that's all for now, have to get some more pics posted soon!